Is This
Your Floor?
There is no one perfect elevation for everyone, otherwise we’d all be living in ranch houses. There are as many destinations as there are moods, and there are many floors within yourself. Which one will be yours?

BALCONYOur most elevated platform, leaning into the Sativa side of things. Even higher, even mightier. Best for: Solving the riddle of the sphinx, bumping your head on cloud 9.

ATRIUMEasy, breezy, lower THC-zy. When you want to breathe easy and hit it a little less hard, step into the open air of the Atrium. Best for: Easing into the weekend and/or hosting houseguests.

MEZZANINENeed a little chill and a little…
something else? This mixed-use floor is for you. THC paired wkith CBD, CBN or other cannabinoids for full entourage effect. For: Chill times, nighttimes, the right times.

LOUNGEHeavy on Indica strains. Heavy to keep you pinned to the couch. Heavy to make your thoughts just as weighty. Best for: relaxing, sitting very still, not thinking about the workday even a little.