How Did We Get Here?
We’ve been riders since way back, always searching and striving toward a higher floor.
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In 2015, we started providing cultivators with the tools needed to bring a higher quality cannabis to life with Green State Gardener. Along the way, we spent a lot of time with the whole cannabinoid family, leading us to form Upstate Elevator Supply Co. in 2017 to offer CBD (and CBG, CBN, CBDA and more) products for people in need. Those safe and legal alternatives set the stage for Vermont’s legalization of cannabis in 2022.
And that brings us to today, where we can now share that full cannabinoid journey with everyone. Our aim is to provide the finest, most elevating THC products known to humans. We’ve been growing our most dialed-in strains, tweaking our gummy recipes and fine tuning our cannabinoid mix to make sure you get the best ride possible, whatever floor you’re aiming for.

And we stand behind each and every one of our products from personal experience.


We set up shop in our hometown so you can see the goods in person. Come down and say hello to the finest Operators in the Green State.

FACTORY STOREat Green State Dispensary

699 Pine Street, Burlington VT