5mg Rosin Gummy

Strawberry Lemonade

Nothing says refreshment like strawberry lemonade, especially when paired with the bright and tangy buzz from our Operators 5mg THC gummies. Consider these a little slice of summer in gummy form, a light and rejuvenating boost, great for backyard hangs, mowing the lawn or just watching the grass grow.




*Tapioca syrup, *sugar, water, pectin, *natural flavors and colors, *citric acid, sodium citrate, *MCT oil, Cannabis rosin extract
Allergen warning: Contains tree nuts
*Certified Organic


Servings: 10 Serving size: 1 Gummy (5mg THC)


Amount per serving: Calories: 12 Total Fat: 0g (0% DV) Cholesterol: 0mg (0% DV) Sodium: 0mg (0% DV) Total Carb: 3g (1% DV) Total Sugars: 3g (Includes 3g added sugars ≤ 1% DV Protein: 0g

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